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The Patent School

VALUA has created “The Patent School”, which provides answers to a number of questions that arise in the process of working with patenting. The Patent School can be used as a tool to understand relevant concepts and problems within patenting and work related to intellectual property rights.

Learn more about patents and protection of intellectual rights

The Patent School

We at VALUA have created The Patent School as a resource that contains information relevant to patenting and the protection of intellectual property rights (IP). The website contains answers to relevant questions and problems for people that wish to know more about protecting IP. The Patent School also contains links to useful tools and websites that we recommend using if you want to learn more about patenting.


What is a patent?
What does it take to get a patent?
Is it worth patenting?

This section contains answers to a number of questions about patents


What options are available for protection of inventions and ideas?

This section contains descriptions of the types of IP rights available for the preparation of an IP strategy


What are the critical aspects in relation to marketing, innovation and protection?

It may be necessary to perform some kind of IP analysis depending on the IP strategy. Read more on IP analysis in this section


Looking for a patent?
Are you looking for knowledge on the different search engines that exist?

In this section, we have created an overview of patent databases and other useful tools.

Pros and cons of patenting

Whether to patent an invention or not is an important decision and it is important that an inventor has considered the advantages and disadvantages of a patent before beginning the process.



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Read more in this section regarding the advantages and disadvantages of patenting

The patent School

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VALUA is a patent agency in Copenhagen, Denmark, founded on the basis of an ambition to offer expert solutions, strengthen companies’ innovation, and protect intellectual property rights.

VALUA is a consulting company that specializes in offering expert assistance within intellectual property rights (IPR). We offer solutions within patent protection and innovation.

The content of these pages does not constitute legal advice. VALUA offers patent advice on a commercial basis if you need an assessment of a specific case.