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Patent School

The Patent School is created and run by the patent agency VALUA.

VALUA ApS was established in 2009 by Jakob Poulsen, and has since handled various cases.

VALUA ApS is able to help clients throughout the entire process, from the conception of an IP strategy, preparation of the patent application, submission of the patent application, contact with the authorities, IP administration and extensions of the patent term. In this way, we help to obtain exclusive rights and protection for inventions.

Specialists create value

We believe that it is crucial to find the right people for each individual task. That is why we build teams with the right skills for each individual project.

Patent attorneys have a background with a technical education and also familiarize themselves with legislation related to innovation protection, IPR and patents. This ensures that we understand the concept and technique behind your products and have the skill to manage and provide legal protection for your product.

You can safely leave the patent protection process to us and concentrate on what you do best.

Borgmester Jensens Allé 25C, 1. floor, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Tel: (+45) 32 12 70 70

Fax: (+45) 32 14 70 70

Get patent advice from an experienced patent attorney or European Patent Attorney for IPR